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About us

Kecam Technologies Limited, a premier information technology solution provider with a plethora of highly experienced professionals with over 200-man years in IT, Sales, Marketing, administration, project management and services that have previously been involved in well over 100 different industry IT projects across Africa.


Our Mission

“To professionally, effectively and efficiently deliver world-class and tested computing solutions with a focus on the customer, while providing a reasonable return on investment for stakeholders and maintaining environmental sustainability in our operations”.

Ready to revolutionise your business?

Kecam Technologies Limited has been able to establish strong and strategic relationship with such global players and OEMs as Microsoft, Datasunrise, Fujitsu, Starlink, Bitdefender, Comodo, Dell, Crisil, Prestigio, Fortinet, Solarwinds, Netwrix, Canyon, Oki, Forcepoint, Autodesk amongst many others.

We strongly believe that strategic partnership with Kecam Technologies Limited, a unique Systems Integrator and IT Security Specialist, would greatly add value in the operations of our various clients in their desire to deliver excellent customer service, improved profitability, and respond swiftly to market demands and challenges.

Our core services include: