Enterprise IT Security

Enterprise Database Auditing & Monitoring: IBM InfoSphere Guardium® provides the simplest, most robust solution for data security and data privacy by assuring the integrity of trusted information in your data center. InfoSphere Guardium helps you reduce support costs by automating the entire compliance auditing process across heterogeneous environments. InfoSphere Guardium offers a flexible and scalable solution to support varying customer architecture requirements. IBM InfoSphere Guardium helps organizations and government agencies to prevent fraud and data security breaches by monitoring all changes to database servers and ensure that no unauthorized transaction occurred to affect the financial results of the company. IBM InfoSphere Guardium also help to ensure that proper security controls are put in place, help to validate that the controls are active, and that enterprise-wide regulations are developed and implemented. InfoSphere Guardium includes the following functionality to satisfy your compliance needs:
Monitor and audit:- Data activity monitoring, Real-time alerting, Threshold alerting, Compliance reporting, Compliance workflow, User Identification, Security integrations
Enforce and protect:- Blocking, Masking, Quarantine
Assess and harden: Vulnerability assessments, Configuration changes, Entitlement reporting
Discover and classify:- Discovery of data sources, Classify sensitive data, Enterprise Integrator

SECURITY INTELLIGENCE AND ANALYTICS :- IBM’s integrated security intelligence solutions harness security-relevant information from across your organization, and use analytics and automation to provide context and help you detect threats faster, identify vulnerabilities, prioritize risks, perform forensics analysis and automate compliance activities. IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform applies real-time correlation and anomaly detection across a distributed and scalable repository of security information. Big data analytics enable more accurate security monitoring and better visibility, yet are packaged to be used by almost any organization small or large. With flexibility and pre-packaged capabilities, IBM solutions help you achieve value faster and evolve your deployment as business changes.

IDENTITY AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT :- The IBM Security threat-aware identity and access management portfolio helps you protect valuable data and applications with context-based access control, security policy enforcement and business-driven identity governance. Armed with user metrics and audit reports, you can deal more quickly and efficiently with the complexities of user access and advanced threats. The IBM Security identity and access management portfolio helps you protect identity as a new perimeter with controls to manage and report on user entitlements and access activities.

Identity and access management software from IBM helps you:
.Safeguard mobile, cloud and social access.
· Prevent advanced insider threats.
· Simplify cloud integrations and identity silos.
· Deliver actionable identity intelligence.